Look out over the docks and breathe in the history of Port Royal, a rich story of shrimp boats, family tradition, and the tides of changing industries. The Port of Port Royal and the 11th Street Docks hold a vast and varied background that has encompassed everything from railroads to military battles, and oystering to the legendary shrimping industry. To this day, these docks provide a safe port for local shrimpers and swordfish boat captains. As you can see before you, the shrimping fleet has become a small group of men and women dedicated to their craft, who are willing to handle the challenges of this way of life - and we're proud to support them.

Today we keep the tradition alive at Fishcamp on 11th Street, offering local seafood and great service. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible Lowcountry way of life.


1699 11th St
Port Royal, SC


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